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Music and Dance at the Singing Tree

It is that time of the year when the rains and the sun play an intermittent concert of sorts, and early brave tourists are peeking shyly behind their fancy brochures.  The lighting is such that Mother Angkor is at her glorious peak (or five).  And here, at the Singing Tree, we are gearing for a happy summer of activities and fun.
First and foremost, Baby Ananda is two, and we are planning a party for Saturday the 19th of July.  There will be all sorts of yummies, and some free drinks, and the wonderful Cambojam band will guide us through an Open Microphone night.  So prepare to bring your musical instruments (if you wish to bring your grand piano, we’ll send an elephant to pick it up!), your good spirits, and your friends.  Kids party will start at 3pm; Open Mic at 7pm.  Hope to see you there!
The weekend after, we’ll host the 1st Independent Disables Dance Troupe event for the season on Saturday the 26th at 6.30pm.  If you have not seen it yet, it is a touching tale of the dancers’ lives with their difficulties and struggle beautifully choreographed in movement and colour.  They are trying to make a living as artists and we are very happy to participate in making that happen, so please come and join us for a special evening.
And even more news:  We have partnered with the makers of the amazing new film – FOOD MATTERS – to present it in public here in lil’ ol’ Siem Reap.  This new film, released only few weeks ago, is riling the industries of sickness (processed food, and pharmaceuticals) with its simple message of the natural wisdom inherent in wholesome meals.  The Singing Tree will run a preliminary screening on Thursday the 17th.  We’ll also keep scheduling regular screenings and debates on a monthly basis thereafter.
Last but not least, we are moving our newsletters/announcements service to a new and improved format which will help immensely in managing the task.  One of the good aspects of this system is that it is very strict in curtailing spam and junk mail, and so in order to move your address onto the new system, we have to ask you to confirm your subscription to this mailing list:  Watch out for a another email in the very near future, in which you’ll be asked to do just that.  So please note that this is the last manual email we send – Newsletters; programs, announcements and updates will be done through the new system, and as we are very happy you are part of our ‘community’, we hope very much you’ll indulge us and follow through with the confirmation – it will be a shame to loose your readership.

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Weekend Yoga course; Magic pool, AND Permaculture course coming up!

Dear friends,
Who could have thought that the Khmer New Year will come around so fast?  Once again, dusty Siem Reap is bulging with happy Khmer families spilling over from bulging pickups, while the few sweaty tourists shuffle their feet listlessly from one coffee shop to another.  The remaining hardy expats – those that have not gone to Kampot – are gearing up for couple of parties and try and find a pool that is not tepid at midday (and have not raised their daily fees to $10 – Prince D’Angkor, what the…?!).  Well, we are happy to share a well-kept secret.  There is an enchanted splash pool amidst a fairy garden, hiding behind Amansara in a place called the River Garden.  Proprietor Deb Sounders spins her magic with styles and flavors, and it is a good place to pass an afternoon or two for $5 a plop.
Anyway, as you might know, we are on a slow curve with our community centre, where Yoga and dance teachers have gone off.  BUT, Pilates is still going strong though, so you cannot complain about getting fat over the holidays – come and join Conchetta for a real core-strengthening sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays 9:30am.  And Karen will be back by teaching Yoga by next Tuesday (15.4) too.  Meanwhile, we have been using our DVD masters on Fridays 6:30 pm.  Dance classes for kids with Renee will resume first weekend in May.  And once you sweated off those calories, we wish to tempt you to put them all back on again – Vanny has added a whole line of yummy sandwiches to the special’s board…
Take note that we will be close for one extra day for the New Year, so this Sunday and Monday – 13th & 14th – there is no singing under the tree.  Apologies and hope to see you back next week.
On the bright side, for those who have not seen the flier yet., we are very happy to announce a fellow yogini’s workshop here in Siem Reap:  Isabelle from Nataraj Yoga in Phnom Penh is running a three day luxurious intensive in the Angkor Village Resort.  She has arranged a special price for fellow local yogi-buffs – please see below here.

Three 3-hour morning sessions:

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, April 13, 14, 15

7:00-10:00 am


Full workshop, six sessions:

Saturday, April 12; 17:00-19:00

Sunday, April 13: 7:00-10:00; 16:00-18:00

Monday, April 14: 7:00-10:00; 16:00-18:00

Tuesday, April 15: 7:00-10:00


Please contact Isabelle (her email is CCed here)

for more information or to make a reservation if you are interested in joining this wonderful retreat.

Last but not least – we have been negotiation with a Permaculture teacher named Richard Zook, who now resides in India and teaches about Asia, to consider running a certificate course here in little Cambodia.  Permaculture is an approach to sustainable gardening and building which is now highly appreciated and recognized around the world.  From Richard’s website – “What Permaculture seeks to do is to create three-dimensional designs that are site specific and sustainable. By bringing together elements (orchard, water system, farmer, cow, etc.), techniques (organic framing, natural building, etc.) and strategies (microclimate, relative placement, etc.) a system is designed or altered based on regenerative relationships. It is these regenerative, beneficial relationships that give a system complexity, three dimensionality, and thus, resiliency.”
Plans are well on their way – there are 8 paying spots for $300 each (it’s a two weeks course), of which at least 5 spots are already spoken for.  Than there are 7 more sponsored spots where we hope to invite local spirited friends to join in.  To kick start the process, Maureen from Raja Yoga has invited a friend from Macau to give a talk about Permaculture at the Singing Tree on Thursday the 24th at 7pm (but please come little earlier if you are planning to eat dinner – eat before or order for it to be ready after).  If you want to know more about Richard’s work – please see here; if you are interested to get on the mailing list for the ocurse, suggest a candidate for sponsorship, or indeed register or sponsor, please contact Michael on
We take to opportunity to wish you all a wonderful and Happy Khmer New Year 🙂
With Love & Light – The Tree Singers OOO

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Hip hip hurray at the Singing Tree

The Mango rains are here – good reason for a song and a dance, in preps for the long and hot months ahead of us (and a quiet town!).

So what’s cooking? – Regular Yoga, Pilates, kids’ dance and meditation programs are continuing.  We are so happy to have long term teachers.  Thanks to Conchetta, Karen and Renee, we now have five adult and two children movement classes every week – So find a class that suits your rhythm and time table and drop in – how else will you shake off all the fast-lane life Siem Reap is now immersed in?!  And by the kindness of Venerable Leng, Yut and some friends, the Monk-chats and meditation instruction classes continue every weekend.

Take note all yogis and yoginis out there – This Friday, the 1st of March, at 6.30 pm, we are hosting Jonas Westring, from who is a licensed physiotherapist in his native Sweden and in the USA and have been practicing Yoga for 27 years.  A teacher of Anusara Yoga, he teaches worldwide and transmits the essence of yoga through clarity, mindfulness and joy.  There are only 12-13 spaces for this class, and about half have gone already, so please book with Michael/Vanny (092 63 55 00) to avoid disappointment.

AND – be, bop, and become – this Saturday at 7:00 pm we are very lucky to have our friends from Cambojam playing at the 5th Singing Tree Open Microphone night.  Music is their magic – don’t miss out what is inevitably a relaxed, non formal, fun jam session with visitors joining in.  Better still, bring an instrument, and your voice and hop on the stage – call it ‘Discover your inner Tina Turner’ night.

Also, on the horizon, is a photography exhibition by Chris Chapo, on the subject of Street Children.  For this event, we will team up with the Cambodian Children Painting Project who have been creating wonderful art with Sihanoukville street/beach children.  The opening will be on Sunday 9th of March at 4pm (we will send more info on this one early next month).

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